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The Resurgence Garden - Concept
The Resurgence Garden - Concept

The Resurgence Garden takes its initial inspiration from the Japanese creation story, in particularly how Amaterasu Omikami ("Great Divinity Illuminating Heaven") is drawn back out of her cave to restore light to the world.

The Resurgence Garden represents a symbolic journey in search of our true nature. It begins with the casting away of our fear based ways of thinking, exposing our true limitless self but also leaving us feeling exposed and disconnected to nature.

Casting aside our old fear based concepts in the shape of the cave door; our liberated consciousness expands in all directions, seeking our true nature.

As our new found awareness increases so to does our realisation that we are able to create our own paths toward our true nature, if we move mindfully and pay attention to each step we take.

Crossing over the water symbolises purification and a passage between two worlds, it is our heightened state of consciousness that has enabled this. Before entering the wood we pass through a veil of Equisetum and Bamboo, symbolising us piercing the veil of illusion.

There is no obvious path into the wood and we are forced to pay attention to every little detail to find a route and ensure a safe passage into its heart. This slowness of movement and consideration of each next step opens up a whole new world of detail that would otherwise have been missed.

When we reach a large flat circular rock (cave door) and find stable footing it is only then that we are able to pause, look around and take in the wider environment. The rock overhangs a calm reflective pool and is enclosed on all sides by lush vegetation and tree canopies, creating the sense of safety and enclosure.

A stream with a series of small waterfalls winds its way down to the pool, the sound and movement encourages a calm state of contemplation – what is our true nature?

In the middle of the pool an ancient twisted black pine grows on a circular island. Climbing up a little and looking back at the black we notice the tip of an Oak tree growing out of the darkness. It is at this point that we realise that we are not in fact disconnected with nature and that in fact our true nature is nature.