JAMES TOWILLIS      landscape design & artist

The root of our discord with the planet right now is perhaps our self-engineered sense of separation – from Earth and each other.

The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest sub nuclear level of our reality, you, our world and I are literally one.

This means little perhaps until it is experienced personally and that is the crux of my work – can we awaken or re awaken our sense of wonder through exposure to considered actions or interventions? They’re like fingers pointing to the moon.

This understanding is at the core of my work and informs my choices in land art and design, it is also expressed through experimentation with whatever material, medium or circumstance that presents itself to me.

Employing elements of fun and ambiguity are key aspects to my work, as is the flexibility and fearlessness to act on my intuition and be guided by synchronicity.

I’m happiest when present in the eternal moment of Now, acting spontaneously and creatively as an advocate of unity and of the great mystery.

I am aware that as I endeavour to change myself so too does the world around me.