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Mobius 3 - roof garden
Mobius 3 - roof garden

Inspired in part by the designs of Escher, this garden is a space primarily for entertaining and relaxing, incorporating areas of shade and a place to view the city skyline.

The garden’s skeleton is based on the infinity symbol, with a sense of fun and discovery in the overall design. It is an escape from the everyday stresses of adult life, a place where the mind and eyes can wander and imagination reigns.

The garden features a dramatic flowing main structure that will act as a brise-soleil, shading the entrance and easing the transition from indoors to out. It also contains a giant planting trough, sculpture, hidden storage and encloses a raised seating area. The entire structure is planted with swathes of assorted blue grasses and highlighting plants, while mature specimen trees will add to the vertical interest and provide welcome dappled shade.

A waterfall emerges from the wall and plunges into a seemingly bottomless pool surrounded by a selection of water-loving plants. The garden also includes a series of benches that can be turned onto their side revealing a comfortable sun lounger. The flooring is made up of over-sized slabs laid diagonally to increase the impression of space.

Planting is based mainly on maritime and mountainous environments, which are both equally exposed to winds and strong light. Year-round interest has been provided by shape, colour (within a colour scheme of purple, grey and white), texture and selective planting.

Plants are watered via an irrigation system that uses collected rainwater.